Due to a medical condition that I have, I ask you to please refrain from wearing any type of scented product, such as perfume, cologne, body spray, or powders. Deodorant and hair products are fine. Failure to comply will unfortunately lead to the cancellation of your session.

I believe that whatever you do in life you should do well. When you come to your session, I want you to feel as if you are truly having a reunion with your loved one(s) who have passed. To achieve this, I practice evidential mediumship, providing you with details, descriptions and messages from the other side that I would have no earthly way of knowing. Your loved ones have been waiting to talk to you, waiting to convince you that they’ve paid you a visit and to ensure you that life continues on. It’s my job to honor them and deliver their thoughts directly.

As at any reunion of family or friends, everyone who has passed is invited. However, I cannot guarantee who will accept the invitation and come. Also remember that anything can happen at a reunion, and ultimately it is the loved ones’ agenda that will be followed. I feel they know best.

Sessions are held at my home in a private room with a relaxed atmosphere. There is also a separate waiting area available if you come with someone else. You can record the sessions if you like, or take notes. There will be time at the end of your session for questions. You don’t need to bring anything but an open heart and mind.

If you are overwhelmed with grief and in need of professional guidance, I work with a grievance counselor, Manisha Shendge, who can be contacted by visiting

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Over the past months I have been attending to unforeseen family emergencies and medical issues. My energy has been focused on these issues which are ongoing and require all my attention. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart I am not accepting requests for any new individual, joint or group sessions at this time. I am tremendously grateful and blessed to be considered as part of your reunions with your Loved Ones. Keep an eye on my website for future updates about sessions and events.

Information below is for sessions scheduled starting 2025:

Private Session:

A private, individual one-on-one session costs $175.00 and lasts 45 minutes. This is available at my home in West Chester only.

Joint Session:

A joint session consists of 2 people for $175.00 with an additional $25.00 for each person after that and it will last 45 minutes. This is available at my home in West Chester only.

Please do not arrive any sooner than your scheduled session time. This may interrupt the person’s session scheduled before yours. Also, children are not allowed to be with you nor attend your session. My home is not equipped safety wise for them as well as their adorable faces will be a distraction for me.

Group Session:

A group session in which I travel to you costs $450.00, will last 90 minutes and I require 5-8 people. There is a travel fee of $50.00 in place if it takes more than 40 minutes for me to travel there.

Due to my medical condition, the room where the session is to be held MUST be scent free with no air fresheners, room deodorizers, scented candles or fresh flowers as well as the folks attending. I also require no alcohol consumption.

I do not suggest coming back any sooner than 6 to 8 months.

Please do. Time is allotted at each sitting for your questions.

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