Karen N.
February 26, 2018
March 24, 2019

My sisters and I attended Dinner with a Medium at Catherine’s Restaurant in June, 2018. In the beginning, Nellie, the medium, said not to be shy if we feel the loved one is for us. I guess I was and should have been more forceful, but I didn’t want to interrupt someone else’s loved one’s reading.

We lost our brother, Christopher on February 8th,2018. I went to the Dinner with my sisters needing and hoping to hear from him that night.

Nellie started off with a young female Soul coming through connected with the name Sara. She said she had been “chatting with her before the Dinner began” and wanted to start with her first. I raised my hand and told her my daughter is named Sara( who is alive). Since it wasn’t directly related to my brother, what could the connection be between Christopher, Sara and this young girl ? Nellie proceeded to say she died at home and no one got to say goodbye . I did not want to presume it could be a message for her family through for them. I was too focused on Christopher till it hit me afterwards, that was exactly what she was doing with Christopher’s guidance. My Sara is friends with a girl who’s sister died mysteriously in her sleep at home when she was about to start her freshman year at college No one got to say goodbye. My family and her family go way back to grade school. It just so happens that my Sara befriended her sister, not knowing we have a nice history with the family. Our mom was even planning on having lunch with her grandmother the following week! This was a real tragedy for this family. She literally never woke up. My sister even went to grade school with the her father. They were in the same class. Christopher knew them as well. I can see my brother guiding her to Nellie.

She mentioned Sara several times that night . Sara will be 24 and by the way is Christopher’s Goddaughter. Nellie also kept referring to Florida numerous times, not at our table, but at tables all around us. My Sara lives and works in Florida but since it wasn’t directed at me, I didn’t want to be rude. I thought maybe others had a Sara and a Florida? I now feel Christopher was yelling from behind the other people.

As the night went on Nellie briefly spoke about someone named Timothy. My other brother has a son Timothy(alive). The table right next to us said we know a Tom and Nellie’s attention went them, a young mom with two kids lost her husband. I think Christopher was throwing out names and numbers to get our attention!

Finally the kicker happened…by the end of the night, I was so mad at myself for not standing up and saying …I think you are talking about our Christopher…till she said does anyone have a pet skunk on the other side? Christopher all his young childhood had Skunky, the imaginary skunk who lived under our kitchen table. We would tease him at times about it when he was older. I raised my hand so high at that!!! He knew we connected with that one! My mom even bought him a stuffed skunk as an adult to keep on his bed as a reminder of Skunky.

Nellie then brought her attention to our table, once again and referred to us about a 4×6 picture with nice teeth as a validation that our Christopher was sending his love. I knew exactly which photo she was referring to for it does show Christopher’s beautiful teeth and smile. At the end of his life, his teeth were rotted and he lost them, but the 4×6 picture…his teeth were beautiful. She referred to a St Christopher metal which my sister’s had on bracelets they were wearing made in his remembrance. She finally passed a message from him to our mom telling her “she is too thin and to eat ice cream..Breyers Vanilla” ….we tell her this all the time. We bring her ice cream a lot as it is one of her favorites. Mom is a breast cancer survivor and two years ago had colon cancer. She survived but, this past May needed surgery for lung cancer which spread from her colon cancer. She is devastated by Christopher’s death but stills marches on . She knows she has lots to live for.

So…in a nutshell..my very stubborn brother tried his best that night to come through but his wonderful sisters were too scared to interrupt for fear of being rude. We thank Nellie for all she gave us that night and for Christopher’s persistence. I also learned a valuable lesson … It is alright to be rude when your loved ones from the other side want to chat!

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