December 2, 2017
February 7, 2018

Dear Nellie-

A brief email to thank you so very much for sharing your time and gift with Patty and me this past weekend.  It was more than we could have ever imagined, although we are both believers.  Your details were astonishing, and the music you heard could not have been more perfect.

You mentioned no regrets a few times-I have none, but learned that my Mom had some with regard to my Dad’s cancer treatment.

She now has such peace.

I also have to share that my Mom has pictures of my Dad around her kitchen window—3 on each side.  They have been there for probably 20 years.

We had our usual  family gathering Sunday, and my mom walked into her house after being out and saw all 3 pictures on the left hand side of the window sitting on the counter.  My brother in law checked all the nails-nothing looked out of the ordinary.  The pictures were all glass frames, they were all off the wall, and not one was broken.  I don’t know what it could be other than a sign from my Dad.  (my mom has an alarm system, so it was not done by someone coming into her house).

Again, thank you.  It was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life and we are truly grateful!  I have referred 2 friends to you already.


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