Dona Teti
March 20, 2017
Brianna, AZ
March 20, 2017

“Last week I went to my appointment not knowing what to expect . Nellie was referred to me with great reviews from others , but you just never know until you experience it for yourself.

I have to say Nellie did not disappoint me and she is truly gifted .I wasn’t there more then a few minutes when it was clear that Nellie had connected to my husband who recently passed and to my mother. As Nellie was speaking and telling me what my husband and mother were saying it was very clear there is a very thin veil between this life and the next, My husband began providing evidence to her by explaining that just that morning I put on his wedding ring, twirled it on my finger, then took it off and set it back on the shelf. That was the first time I have ever done this before. He then proceeded to tell her different things I do on a daily basis . He also mentioned X’s and O’s. Nellie questioned me about what he meant by this.I have to say I was totally overwhelmed by now. Whenever I had to go to the store, I always waited until he went to sleep. I would leave him a note just in case he woke before I returned. I would put a lot of X’s and O’s or hugs and kisses at the bottom of the note. This always made him smile and he would say to me “this week you gave me more hugs and kisses than you did last week”. I would reply “that’s because I love you more this week then last week. “When Nellie said this to me, I was totally amazed because this is something only we knew. It just confirmed how truly gifted Nellie is and there is no doubt in my mind she had connected to my husband.

My main concern about my husband who had been in hospice care for five months at home if he was in pain his last 24 hours, During our session my husband brought up that very subject and assured me he wasn’t in any pain. I now know our loved ones are never far from us.

Nellie’s gift has given me such closure, she is truly gifted. I am looking forward to going back again in the near future.
Thank you so much Nellie”

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