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My name is Nellie Walter. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help my fellow man as a registered nurse for 33 years, specializing in Homecare and Hospice, and a medium. Both of these positions have been more than just work for me. They have helped define me as the individual I am. Life does continues on, a valuable lesson I learned from my patients and the souls that have passed. The bond shared between family and friends is always present and never ending. I am honored and privileged to be able to assist you in reuniting with your loved ones.

I perform my work with honesty and integrity. You and your beloved souls that have passed deserve nothing less than this. Life is not easy and we all need support. When someone you are close to dies, it can be devastating. People come for a session for numerous reasons. Some are searching for healing or closure, others are struggling with grief, while some are just plain curious. Know I will give you my all no matter why you are seeking a session. I hope that my website is informative and helps you to take the first step.



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I was born in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania in 1957, the sixth of seven children. My parents were of Italian and Polish decent and raised us as devout Catholics. They were also extremely open minded because my paternal grandmother was a medium specializing in healing. Unfortunately, she died before I was born. Still, I felt as if I knew her from the stories my parents and neighbors told about her, her gift, and her ability to help so many people throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. I am convinced that the roots of my mediumship stem from her, for which I am eternally grateful.

As a young child I had trouble sleeping due to "ghosts" visiting me. I was often in my own world talking to people who " supposedly " where not there. I also knew information about deceased relatives that I never met. My parents took me for my word not making a big deal about it, patiently answering my questions. Once the adolescent years hit, I rationalized these visits away as a vivid childhood imagination. As an adult, I poured my energies into being a wife, a mother of two ,and a nurse. Then in 1995, my life took a turn. I began to specialize in Hospice Homecare nursing, took a tarot card reading class just for fun, and received my grandmother's crystal ball out of the blue. All of a sudden, I began relaying information and messages to friends about their loved ones who had passed. The information was accurate, amazing and no way should I have known it. I saw how it helped them with grieving, giving inner peace and closure. I realized that the next phase of my life had evolved, humbled by how truley blessed I was and am.

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These testimonials are from satisfied clients who have come to me for help, guidance, and relief from grief.

As a clergy person, the idea of psychic phenomenon made me apprehensive, however when I first met Nellie I could see instantly that she was a very spiritual person. After learning of her gift and experiencing the death of my mother, she was able to bring me great comfort. The reading came unexpectedly and she was able to tell me facts she would not have otherwise known and to reassure me that my mother's death had been peaceful and that her presence was still with me...
God blesses us all with gifts to serve one another. In His compassion, He has given Nellie a gift in connecting us with our loved ones who have died. When my sister, Sue died suddenly I knew she was in Heaven, but I wanted so much to "hear" from her. Nellie validated my sister's presence by telling me things only my sister and I would know...
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